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(An Efficient l-mer frequency genome size predictor)
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Workflow Chart:
useage: fqKmerFreq_v1.06: <inputList><formatFlag= 0/1 for FASTQ or FASTA><K-mer length>

Usage: gncov_v1.06 [-options] -t <tuple count> -o <output prefix>
   -t                   <tuple count file>                                                 #the tuple frequency table files, *.countMH
   -o                   <output file prefix>                                              #the output prefix  
   -l   (8-15)            <M length>                          Default:[8]           #upper boundary  freqeuncy k
   -k   (17-25)         <K-mer length>                    Default:[25]          #K-mer width
   -i   (1000-3000)   <iterate times>                     Default:[3000]      #iterative times
   -m   (0-1000)      <mutation ratio>                   Default:[200]        #ratio to disturb durbing the iteratiion
   -r   (25-100)        <reads length>                     Default:[70]          #Average read length
   -c   (0.01-5000)   <intial covreage>                   Default:[30]         #initial coverage input
   -e   (0-10)           <error cut-off>                      Default:[5]           #the K-mer frequency cut-off
   -g   Small Optimal Flag: On[Optional](2-3 fold)   Default:[OFF]       #optimize for small data set
   -s   Stable Optimal Flag: On [Optional]               Default:[OFF]       #Flag on for more stable
./make install

/bin/fqKmerFreq_v1.06  #Count the K-mer frequency
/bin/gncov_v1.06  #predict the genome size base on the K-mer freq

sample inputlist file open
/bin/fqKmerFreq_v1.06 AE005174v2_fq.list 0 25
/bin/gncov_v1.06 -t AE005174v2_fq.list.25mer.countMH -o AE005174v2_fq.list.25mer -k 25 -r 70

Sample output file
AE005174v2_fq.list.25mer.countMH open
AE005174v2_fq.list.25mer.report open

Additional document 1  (pdf)
Additional document 2  (pdf)

E.coli 10-fold data set (download)

Staphylococcus aureus strain MW2 data set (download)
Staphylococcus aureus strain MW2 data Result (download)

Complete Staphylococcus aureus strain MW2 data set (link)

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If you hope to known the genome size before de novo assembing, this is a definite must have. It is beyond simple!

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