Freely download GSP:
Current release: V1.06
Size: 120.24 KB

Compile GSP:
    ./make install

Run GSP:
    ./bin/fqKgenoMH    #Count the K-mer frequency
    ./bin/gncov_1.0    #predict the genome size base on the K-mer freq

Sample command line:
    ./bin/fqKgenoMH AE005174v2_fq.list 25 17
    ./bin/gncov_1.0 -t AE005174v2_fq.list.25mer.countMH -o AE005174v2_fq.list.25mer -k 25 -r 70

System requirements:

The following hardware and software is required to run GSP.

  • An Intel Pentium processor or equivalent, 400 MHz or faster
  • linux, UNIX, cygwin, windows
  • Recomand  4 GB of available random-access memory (RAM)

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(An Efficient l-mer frequency genome size predictor)
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If you hope to known the genome size before de novo assembing, this is a definite must have. It is beyond simple!